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Dick Morris Praises
National Republican Trust PAC

One of the nation's leading political strategists, Dick Morris,
has praised the National Republican Trust PAC.

Morris says: "The National Republican Trust is a very effective organization that can make a huge difference on election day."

Dick Morris, a columnist, bestselling author, and Fox News analyst, has been widely recognized for his help to Bill Clinton in his comeback victory in the 1996 election. Later, Morris became a fierce critic of the Clintons.

Today, he warns that Barack Obama will be a dangerous pick come election day. Morris says Obama's plan to raise taxes will push the country from recession to depression.

"We are please that someone as respected as Dick Morris values our group and strategy," Scott Wheeler, executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC said.

The National Republican Trust PAC was created to inform Americans of the truth about Barack Obama and to keep America true to its foundations: a nation that values free enterprise, a strong national defense and moral values.

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