Conservatives in this country outnumber liberals by a two-to-one margin but that hasn’t been reflected at the ballot box recently.  That is because most Democrats lie to their constituents to get elected and the liberal media covers for them.  They talk and act conservative while campaigning in their home District but they vote for Pelosi and the radical left’s agenda in Washington. 

The National Republican Trust PAC created THE PELOSI INDEX to expose these lies and to hold Democrats and Republicans accountable for every vote they cast.  THE PELOSI INDEX, analyzes and tracks every member of Congress’ true voting record and details how often these self proclaimed moderates vote to support Pelosi’s radical transformation of America. 

Lawmakers of both parties will be forced to think twice before voting in favor of any new radical proposal Nancy Pelosi forces onto the House floor.  There is no place for them to hide and the liberal media cannot protect them from their true voting record.


Since the beginning of the legislative cycle in January 2009, more than 200 House Democrats have voted for Speaker Pelosi’s radical agenda 85% of the time or more on the fourteen major pieces of legislation scored in the INDEX.  More than 230 Democrat members have sold out America’s core values to vote for the Speaker’s liberal plan more than 70% of the time.  These members threaten to destroy the American way of life through economy-crushing tax increases and the massive expansion of government control and spending which has already begun to saddle our future generations with enormous levels of unsustainable debt.

Highlights of THE PELOSI INDEX include:
(Score = percent of time voting for Pelosi’s agenda)

  1. 231  Democrats received a score of 70% or higher  CHART
  2. 107  Democrats received a 100% score by always siding with Pelosi
  3.   30  Democrats in Districts won by McCain received a score of 70% or higher. CHART
  4.   34  Blue Dog Democrats received a score of 70% or higherCHART
  5.   12  Blue Dog Democrats received a 100% score.
  6.   16  Blue Dogs in Districts won by McCain received a score of 70% or higher.
  7. 127  Republicans received a 0% score having never sided with Pelosi. CHART

Click Here to see the entire PELOSI INDEX.

The most important information a voter can have when choosing whom to support in an election is a candidate’s voting record.  Every member of Congress is up for election next fall and The National Republican Trust is committed to exposing all radical voting records and providing it to the public so they can make an informed decision on Election Day. 

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"Always remember that you are Americans, and it is your birthright to dream great dreams in this sweet and blessed land, truly the greatest, freest, strongest nation on Earth." — Ronald Reagan

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