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Scott Wheeler’s Strategy for America

It is time to choose sides

Now is the time to go nationwide with our effort to Stop the Ground Zero Mosque: Barack Obama – son of a Muslim father, who once declared that the “Arabic call to prayer is one of the loveliest sounds on earth at Sunset” – has endorsed the building of the Muslim’s Ground Zero Mosque.  He has publicly chosen sides…it’s now time to force all Democrats to do the same before this election.

The National Republican Trust brought this issue onto the national stage.  Now we need to ask Democrats the simple question, "Do you stand with America, or do you stand with her Enemies?” This is the key to this November's election.  Could there be a more important question?

The liberal media and Democrats (sharing the same dirty bed) have whined that this mosque is not at Ground Zero, but that is an outright lie! I have been there, and I have seen where the landing gear from one of the airplanes landed on the building that Muslims now want to tear down to build their mosque.

They call it "a bridge to promote peace" to our faces, but just as I have said to the media many times now, if they really want to promote peace they can start by strongly denouncing terrorism by other radical Muslims… But they have resisted every opportunity to do that.

In my years of investigating terrorism, I have seen this dishonest strategy before; declaring “peace” the goal, when the “peace” they seek is actually Americans shackled to barbaric "Sharia Law." That’s not the kind of “peace” envisioned by our Constitution.

So, it’s now time to force Democrats to choose sides. We must ask, and then publicize, their answers to these questions:

  1. Are you with America or against America?
  2. Do you support the majority of Americans who oppose this Mosque? Or, do you continue to disregard the loud voice of the people?
  3. Do you understand what many of those behind the Ground Zero Mosque are trying to do to us? Do you even care?
  4. Is it acceptable to continually offend Christians and Americans first, merely to avoid discomfiting foreigners and Muslims?
  5. To whom do you answer (here on Earth)?

The answers to these questions must be recorded…and then widely disseminated to the public in the form of television, radio and Internet ads so we Americans can vote them out of office!!!

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