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The National Republican Trust PAC backs Christine O’Donnell for the US Senate from Delaware

Executive Director Scott Wheeler stated “We will step up in place of the
establishment Republicans and provide aid, support in the form of an Independent
Expenditure in Delaware to insure an O’Donnell victory.”

“We were prepared to help anyway in this race but will now increase our efforts
to make sure this American who is not part of the ruling elite wins one for

"O’Donnell embodies everything that is needed to reform Washington and move the
Tea Party agenda to legislative action. The RNC’s snub of O’Donnell is nothing
short of a snub to all conservatives and grassroots Republicans. The RNC’s
blatant arrogance, turf protection and the overwhelming stench of its intellectual
corruption, is quite simply destroying the Republican Party. O’Donnell’s case
proves that the RNC needs a thorough housecleaning in order to be relevant in
modern politics."

For more information or to schedule an interview with Scott Wheeler, contact Nick Chandler at (310) 560-7010 or at


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